We Understand That the Idea of Building a Custom Home Can Be Overwhelming,

Which Is Why Our Team Will Work with You Every Step of the Way

Questions to Explore Early on

Where would you like to live?

In the country or city? Close to shops, friends, family, schools?

What type of home do you dream of?

How many rooms, what size of room, design style, garage?

What are your budget and timeframe?

Our team can help you with all of these questions, facilitate and refine your custom home plan. Once these high-level decisions have been made, we will work with you and our drafts person to start putting the vision to paper with the creation of the drawings for your home (aka the blueprints!).
From Drawings to Construction

Once drawings have been created, we will develop a draft budget for your review. At that point you can start making finishing selections (like flooring, hardware, exterior finishing, etc), which will help refine and finalize the budget for your home.

With the home drawings and budget in hand, you can go to the bank to secure a builder’s mortgage.

From that point on, we are in constant communication with you as the build process commences with permits, service installation (if necessary) and excavation.

As the house is constructed, walk-throughs are integral to ensuring everything is as you want it, and nothing is missed. We have an open-door policy for all our house builds and invite you to come by the build as often as you wish.

As a boutique builder, we have a limit on how many houses we will build at one-time to ensure we always have your house as our top priority.