Strathcona County Farmhouse and Garden Suite

Project Scope

Generations have farmed on this family’s land, but the homes of generations past were no longer suiting the needs of the current occupants. We were honoured to build two new homes for this family in a spectacular section of farmland just south of Sherwood Park. 

Services Provided

Building on the original homestead for this family came with some complexity in that there were numerous outbuildings, shops, homes, granaries and equipment to factor into construction of a new home and garden suite.  

We used directional drilling to put in new waterlines and internet cables in order to not disturb the existing infrastructure. We worked closely with the family to determine home location, orientation and design. The design of both homes specifically addresses a farming family’s needs, with walk out basements parking, laundry, and bathroom. 

Warm and traditional in their design, the garden suite used knotted woods, creamy tiles, and brushed nickel accents, while the house boasted farmhouse blue cabinets and white subway tile. We were able to incorporate original barn boards from the homestead in the kitchen island.  


Garden Suite

Please check out the construction progress by searching #greyfamilyfarmhouse and #greyfamilygardensuite online.